Local Afrikaner cuisine can be taken back to the Dutch, French & German settlers, who founded the Cape colony in the 17th century. They are the ascendants of the Afrikaners in South Africa.

The Afrikaner cuisine is extremely diverse with influences from all over the world. Afrikaners also relied on what they had on their own land. They considered meat to have been a major part of their menu. One of the most common meat recipes include droëwors & biltong. Droëwors & biltong are both forms of dried & spiced meat which despite not being cooked, can last for a long period of time without going bad.

Braai (barbecue) is a traditional meal for the Afrikaners. It is meat being grilled over hot coal fires. Braais have spread across many cultures in South Africa & are enjoyed by all. Stiff porridge, which is known to Afrikaners as Stywepap, is often served with braai meat as a starch, usually with tomato & onion relish or a gravy.

Three-legged cast iron pots are used to create the ultimate stew in the Afrikaans culture, popularly known as Potjiekos.

Afrikaners also love their desserts & invented the popular KoeksustersMelktart (Milk Tart).