The Zulu cuisine nation represented in South Africa is large. They have a long history & their culture is centered on traditions & rituals which have grown stronger through time & generations.

The traditional Zulu cuisine for the Zulu nation play a big role in their culture. They are known to slaughter animals during major life events. These major life events include burials (funerals), coming of age, weddings, etc. The slaughtering is also accompanied with Zulu beer & allows for socializing & feasting with loved ones. The Zulu’s originally relied on their land for sustenance & nutrition. Grain & vegetables that they farmed was made up of their diet along with the meat of any cattle that they owned.

The staple food of today for the Zulu people still remain which include maize starches sorghum. These are eaten as soft/stiff porridge’s or in liquid form as beer. Utywala is what the alcoholic adaptation of this beer is known as & Amahewu is the non-alcoholic adaptation. Isibhede is the porridge in it’s fermented state. Amazi is also another local cuisine, it is a curdled milk drink. Beef is also a part of their menu as they are lovers of meat dishes. Their menu also consists of vegetables, but the most traditional one is known as Amandumbe (Yam).

Onion Pickle

Onion Pickle

ONION PICKLE   This Recipe Makes ± 10-15 Pickled Onions   Onion Pickle is a nourishment comprising of onions cured in a solution of vinegar & salt, frequently with different additives & flavorings. In the United Kingdom they are frequently eaten alongside fish & chips with french fries or as a component of a cultivator’s…