The most commonly found culture in South Africa is the Xhosa & Xhosa cuisine was introduced by them.

The Xhosa cuisine traditional meals comprise of samp & grains, vegetables, mieliepap (maize meal) & red & white meat. The dish Umngqusho is prepared by cooking sugar beans & little animal fat or bones just for the meaty flavor, this meal is accompanied with mieliepap (maize meal) or can be eaten as is. Another favorite meal enjoyed by the Xhosa is known as Umvubo which is dry pap that is mixed with sour milk (maas).

Vegetables that include leafy green vegetables like beetroot & spinach as well as pumpkin, potatoes, corn & cabbages have also been part of the traditional Xhosa menu.

Onion Pickle

Onion Pickle

ONION PICKLE   This Recipe Makes ± 10-15 Pickled Onions   Onion Pickle is a nourishment comprising of onions cured in a solution of vinegar & salt, frequently with different additives & flavorings. In the United Kingdom they are frequently eaten alongside fish & chips with french fries or as a component of a cultivator’s…