Venda Cuisine is part of the Venda people in South Africa. One of the last African groups to migrate to the south of the Limpopo River were the Venda (VhaVenda) people.

The Venda cuisine began when the Venda people fed off livestock that they owned along with the farmed goods that their land had provided. They moved on from their land once it had given off itself. They profoundly relied on their agriculture which became the basis of their traditional Venda cuisine.

Maize is considered to be their main ingredient. The Venda tribe enjoy eating the maize porridge with a type of stew which include meat & spinach which is a local cuisine.

Mopane worms are a delicacy of the Venda tribe. The worms are nutritious, filled with flavor & can be eaten dried or cooked.

Many trees can be found in South Africa, but the most common ones which are situated in the Limpopo region are the Marula & Baobab trees. These fruits are also found on the menu of the Venda people & milk dishes are infused with the flesh of the Baobab to give them the distinct Venda flavor.

The Marula fruit is known to have health benefits & are delicious as well. Intoxicating drinks can be produced once the fruit has been fermented.

Onion Pickle

Onion Pickle

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