Global cuisine has included Chinese cuisine in their regime & therefore throughout many parts of the world, Chinese cuisine has become well recognized & is known to be a healthier option.

Traditional Chinese cuisines rely on the basic methods of salting, pickling, drying & fermentation which result in food preservation. Chinese food has different style & preparation techniques. These styles are distinctive from one another due to the history, lifestyles, climate & availability of resources.

Jiangsu, Shandong, Szechuan & Guangdong cuisines are a number of different cooking styles & techniques that are the most influential & contribute to the Chinese cuisine.

Traditional Chinese cuisines include Szechaun, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan, Anhui & Cantonese.

PF Chang's Dynamite Shrimp

PF Chang’s Dynamite Shrimp

PF CHANG’S DYNAMITE SHRIMP This Chinese Food Recipe Serves 1-2   This PF Chang’s Dynamite Shrimp is unique. I was lost for words when I first tried them out as I’m particularly not a big Chinese food fan & my family decided to have Chinese so I didn’t want to be a spoilt spot & decided to…


PF Chang's Crispy Green Beans

PF Chang’s Crispy Green Beans

PF CHANG’S CRISPY GREEN BEANS This Chinese Food Recipe Serves 2-3     PF Chang’s Crispy Green Beans are the ideal mix of fiery & crunchy – immaculate side dish to any Asian dinner. The green beans are tempura battered & the taste is remarkable. This recipe goes well with the spicy dipping sauce which is a must have.   PF Chang’s…