One of the best global cuisine in the world is the Turkish Food. It is considered a healthy cuisine & the Turkish use olive oil for all of their cooking.

Turkish food blended together to form historical dishes influenced by Balkans, Middle Easteners, Ottamans, Jews & the Greeks.

Traditional Turkish cuisine include Börek, Döner, Künefe, Dürüm, Dolma, Yufka, Humus, Köfte, Gözleme, Simit, Kokoreç, Kumpir, Baklava, Pide, Pilav, Lokum (Turkish Delight) & a few others & are known to be a global cuisine.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

TURKISH COFFEE   This Turkish Beverage Serves 1   Unfiltered, very finely ground coffee is used in preparing Turkish Coffee. I first tasted this unique drink on my visit to Istanbul, Turkey. I am not a huge fan of teas but coffee anytime will do. This drink sure does have an acquired taste but if you love…